The true value of a customer’s information

As a business operating in a competitive & data-driven climate, organizations feel the pinch to compete at high levels. The desire to analyze consumer spending trends, based upon the very information that they provide, can potentially leave a strained relationship with customers.

Techniques like redundant surveys & irrelevant e-mail lists can leave some customers to question; is my personal information really valued at this place?

In a world of automation, being able to offer personable solutions to the people interacting in your organization’s system is valuable in all sectors and industries. Statistics have shown that if a customer trusts a business, they are less likely to hesitate when sharing the details of their spending habits. The relationship between user to provider is a bridge that should be fortified with a great experience overall, fantastic follow through and another often neglected factor, transparency.

Creating identity through authenticity

As an SME, you may not realize how robotic your company may appear outward to your audience. Marketing campaigns & corporate social responsibility programs allow your organization to meet your customers at eye level. However, these are often tailored and used to reinforce the identity you have created for your company internally. When you are transparent with your customers, you acknowledge the true nature of uncertainty both in business and life at large.

According to a recent study conducted by Indian solutions giant Wipro, 68% of CMOs worldwide place more emphasis on transparency than innovation regarding developing their marketing strategies in 2020. This shift demonstrates a consumer pull towards being open. Doing business in the age of the savviest customer, taking steps to be more open than competitors truly works wonders.

Putting into consideration the business climate during COVID in the UAE, a counterintuitive approach to be even more transparent to the realities of operations is extremely valuable in building trust between you and your customers.

Because human emotion is often the primary catalyst for purchasing decisions, it is key to appeal to people’s innate desire to associate themselves with authenticity. Sports figures, entertainers, and educator’s well-being is often vindicative of how they appear to the public. Why not run your business as a person & consider how to make that “person” the most authentic person as possible?

While working on your perception outwards, make sure to maintain internal clarity about the workings of your organization. Concurrently, it is a great strategy to keep track of your team’s thoughts and beliefs by giving them the opportunity to sound off and be transparent about the inner workings of the company.

Doing so will give your organization a chance to observe itself objectively, identify blind spots and deal with them accordingly.

Connecting technology & transparency

As businesses become further tied in with innovation, it is a great & disruptive practice to make customers aware of how their data is being used and being protected. People want to be informed of what is being used and what’s its purpose, especially in the world where people are more tech-savvy than ever before. Simple practices (like explaining why your organization would like to know certain information & what is its applications) work wonders in creating an honest bond with your audience.

Being proactive regarding the usage of customer’s information is key in maintaining a loyal relationship.

With the prevalence of third-party rating systems and their influence on consumer decision-making, another modern approach is highlighting honest feedback on your website.

Prioritizing honesty about the pros and cons of your product and service would not only show corporate humility, but it would lower the chance of unreasonable customer expectation, especially during their initial interaction.

How StagFox simplifies customer safety

Whether your organization uses the Stagfox application, a unique white-labelled appor utilizes an API connected to their outstanding mobile app, our patented CSM platform allows access to key data points that can be used to build a stronger user relationship.

In our product development, Stagfox has designed a customized and secured 256-bit encrypted elliptic connection to further ensure data safety and prevent possible breaches. Transparency is a two-way street; while ensuring user data security, you can further tailor your company image to give a true picture of your goals, ethics and values.

Stagfox as a transparent solution

In order to maintain their customer’s interest, companies must offer tailored & customized experiences. As a company with a multitude of moving parts, demonstrating to your audience that you genuinely care about their choice to patronize your business is foundational to longevity in any market. Statistics have shown that customers are willing to continue to buy based on two fundamental points:

  1.  Customers trust the product
  2.  Customers trust the people behind the product

The majority of product marketing technologies work on a one-way basis; offering a shot in the dark to potential customers that can come across as gimmicky. What sets StagFox apart is the backend analytics that allow users to customize orders, brining more value to their overall experience. Being transparent with the fact that you need customer’s information in order to provide a better, more seamless experience to them will allow more growth and necessary trust.

If you have yet to capture your client’s consent yet in a GDPR-compliant way yet, use Stagfox’s features to run a re-permission campaign. This way, you can update them about the tailored deals that either your Stagfox powered application or stand-alone application. Be direct about what exactly you are asking for, why you’re asking for it and what benefit it has towards them.

Customers have the final say about what businesses thrive and which businesses succeed. Customer’s control the relationship and purchasing power is the tool used to show their satisfaction. Your patrons should have full awareness of what their information is being used for. We’ve seen businesses reputations tank for unlawful and unethical usage of patron’s data. Save the ties that you’ve worked hard to maintain by being clear and transparent at the point of contact. Furthermore, keep your customers in the loop by sharing insights to the inner working of the company.

Tailored solutions, transparency assurance & customized consumer care are all tried and tested practices that convert a sale to a long-term supporter of your business.

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