A Glance At Omnichannel

The world of business is at an exciting point as we continue towards the pinnacle of the shopping experience. Regardless of industry, the average consumer is more savvy & hyper aware of their buying options. The customer of today wants more than just quality products; they want them fast and want to know as much as possible about their purchases.

What an omnichannel experience delivers is a variety of means for customers to get what they want. We’ve seen the fusion of brick and mortar sales with ecommerce develop over time and now with social media on the rise, businesses are looking at integrating a selling channel on their social sites (called s-commerce). Industry experts predict that s-commerce in the GCC will become a primary section of localized and global e-commerce. In a recent study conducted by Gulf Marketing Group, 14% of surveyed consumers responded that they frequently make purchases within a social media application. Developing the right strategies to interact with your customers at all points is vital to building your business.

The Growth Of Omnichannel in the Gulf

With Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh and other GCC cities being hubs of diversity, the key to upgrading from an individualistic multi-channel approach to a merged omnichannel approach is recognizing the difference in spending cultures. Offering and integrating is what will more than offer set you apart & open your product/service to new markets. The one factor that is applicable to all demographics is authenticity. Get a clearer picture of who you’re targeting as you connect the dots of your purchasing funnels Prided as an omnichannel sales solution, StagFox is a way to offer authentically and allow purchases to be completed easily.

The word seamless is no longer synonymous with fabric; it deals with the ease of interaction that customers desire & that businesses are expected to deliver. Multichannel has long been the standard of practice, offering a variety of ways to sell products. Multichannel has long been the standard in offering variety; omnichannel is the next step in connecting these selling channels. To get a better experience of omnichannel, let’s take a journey through time; starting with single-channel commerce and it’s evolution into the omni experience of today.

The Channels Of Sales Throughout The Years

If we look at commerce from the barter & trade aspect, people had to travel days to get products and services. The invent of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800’s to the internet boom of the 80’s have led to the tipping point we’re at today; customers expect more and in different ways. Whereas a salt dealer in Carcassone or Dubrovnik could only make in-person transactions in the 1700’s, the salt dealer of today can make B2B or B2C deals in-person, over the phone, through their website or a third party e-commerce website like Taobao. This provides a multichannel experience for prospective buyers. Nowadays, an omnichannel experience (which integrates all the touchpoints of multichannel) is the new norm for the saltsman from Zipaquirá.

How Shifting From a Multichannel Experience Can Help You

Developing your business’s omni channel marketing approach guarantees a variety of added benefits to your organization. To get a clearer picture, here are four practical ways an omnichannel experience helps you:

  1. The number one thing that customers want is unification of their experience. By connecting the fences of your business with ease, you empower your patrons to interact with your business in a way that feels natural to them.
  2. Customers value ease in their shopping experience. By creating an easy to use experience, you also create brand loyalty. Given that a large portion of new business is still brought through recommendations and word of mouth, creating authentic loyalty is very key. Customers can feel loyal towards a Harry Potter book in its entirety, more than one chapter than one unconnected chapter.
  3. The omnichannel approach to retail allows businesses to get a clearer picture of their customers, compiling data from all different channels into an easy to imagine picture. Businesses that prioritize knowing their customer are better prepared to offer a more appropriate user experience.
  4. A Harvard Business Review study of 46,000 shoppers showed that omnichannel retailing works. Those that are offered an omnichannel experience are more likely to spend than at a single-channel business. Even more interesting, with every additional channel added, customers had an incentive to spend more.

Disney has recently tackled this problem headfirst with the integration of their vacation experience, digital application, beacons and wearable tech; all cumulative of their My Disney Experience campaign. With the integration of all these features, Disney has built an omnichannel experience. No longer would visitors have to present a separate credit card to make a purchase at their Disney-affiliated hotel; they can use their MagicBand, a wristband with a smart touchpoint sensor. Not only does a personalized omnichannel interaction allow customers to flow through their experience better, it provides information. Wired.com interviewed Nick Franklin, former executive vice president of next-generation experience, and he said “The whole system gave Disney a way of understanding the business. Knowing we need more food here, how people are flowing through the park, how people are consuming the experimental product.”

How StagFox is Connecting The Pieces

In the age of trends, a large portion of businesses flocks to technology as their solution, without an in-depth understanding of what the true value is to their businesses. When looking at omnichannel marketing, some retailers are unable to create strategic alignment between their channels and create a haphazard puzzle that customers are left scratching their heads at.

StagFox is designed to offer a much-needed blend of the customer experience across the myriad of channels available. Let’s look at it in terms of a customer’s in-store experience.

With the StagFox application, businesses will know who their customer is and can seamlessly connect them to the right funnel in their omnichannel experience; whether it be to an easily redeemable QR code or an incentive-based survey, StagFox is designed to connect the dots between all channels, offering a seamless experience across all platforms (no fabric necessary.)  

Although the StagFox device does offer a cutting-edge customer experience for businesses, the root of it will always be enhancing visitor’s experience. Take steps to make your patron’s experience easier, more enjoyable & offer what’s needed.

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