Supercharge Real-time
Customer Engagement

Meet the game-changing StagFox app and its digital handshake. Take digital power into the physical world. Forget smart tech - this is pure genius.

Location Based app
Supercharge Real-time 
Customer Engagement

Customise the genius of StagFox for your sector specific needs. It talks your language.

Redefine Retail Dubai

Redefine Retail

Retail is on the cusp of a revolution where stock control is ever more crucial and real time customer insights are the route to winning sales. Powerful, tech driven insights are key to staying relevant and StagFox can unlock them for a much-needed retail revival.

Magnetize Malls in Dubai

Magnetize Malls

Discover how tech driven consumer insights can boost your asset value and address today’s pressing mall operations challenges. Get powerful insights to reboot your customer service offering and turn all shoppers into mystery shoppers.

Galvanize Guests Dubai

Galvanize Guests

Hospitality needs a major survival reboot. StagFox will be the catalyst. With StagFox you’ll discover where your guests are to win them over with close-by offers. Get instant feedback to tweak promotions and services. Survey guest needs with targeted, personalised offers, tempting menus and can’t be ignored deals.

location based marketing technology

Broker Better Banking

It’s time for banks to put the personal back into relationships. Discover how to revitalise customer relationships, get instant insights into their behaviour, and how to talk and listen to them for a superior customer relationship experience.

StagFox Proximity Marketing Retail, Malls, Hospitality and More

Government Gains

Smart governments need super-smart tech tools to meet ever rising public service expectations. Find out how a made-in-the-UAE solution is transforming the public sector and delivering services people love.

Designed for the Social Distancing Age

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