How Phygital is Going to Change The Customer Service Business

Technology is always improving and over the last 20 years we have seen some drastic changes to the things we can achieve using this cutting-edge tech. 

Phygital connects the physical and digital worlds to create a new entity. More and more companies have quickly introduced this new concept into their business strategies to complete tasks that previously were only accomplished in person. Phygital can be used in a variety of ways to help improve both business’s and customer’s experiences. 

Phygital can take the best components of a digital customer experience like speed, innovation or inclusivity, but fuse it with a more physical experience. This approach is increasingly becoming popular because of the new ways that customers can interact with businesses and the changing way that customers want to do things like shopping or dining out. 

Unsurprisingly the customers who are most in favor of phygital techniques are Millennials and Generation Z. The generations who have grown up with new technologies and who are used to a more digital way of the world. These generations are beginning to expect companies to interact with them in this more digital way and can be put off when they are not. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to integrate these phygital elements into your business. 

How has customer behavior changed since Covid-19?

Covid 19 has not just affected Dubai, it has touched the entire world and has meant that most countries have had to change their behavior over the last year and a half, in order to keep as many people safe as possible. The UAE adopted rules and procedures that also changed the ways that businesses needed to be run, especially customer-facing ones.  

For over a year, businesses across the United Arab Emirates and around the world have had to find new ways to adapt, in order to survive during Covid-19. Phygital has been a great help for this. Whether that be the way it is improving e-commerce, allowing customers to shop for their groceries or restaurants orders from an app, or reducing the need for physical contact, due to electronic menus or contactless delivery. 

As companies are bouncing back after Covid 19 and the worst of it appears to be over, there is a need to reassess what physical stores and businesses do. Fashion, grocery, and electronics are all industries that have had to accelerate their digital transformation to meet new customer expectations, which are likely to continue long after Covid 19 is gone. 

Phygital can also help customers who live away from town centers and those who have accessibility needs, helping companies reach more potential customers and improve their experience.  

How is phygital changing customer experience?

Phygital is changing the way businesses and customers interact with each other. The use of technology has allowed for a technology-led approach, which uses AI and other forms of technology to deliver a more personalized experience. Nowadays it isn’t enough to just have a website, social media, and even an app. You need to be optimizing these digital experiences so that they are improving your customer experience and make your company more innovative. 

In order to use phygital effectively, you must come up with a strategy to implement it. The best place to start is by looking at what your current customer experience is like. What do your customers like and what sort of challenges are they running into when using your business? Looking at these answers will help you know what you need to work on and discover what aspect of your business could have a digital transformation to be more innovative and make it more successful. 

The aim of phygital is to create these digital experiences that help customers achieve their goals more easily and quicker. You need the processes to go smoothly in order to make it successful. 

Some examples of how your business could use phygital

- Kiosks

Kiosks are digital menus, information stands, or payment methods that allow customers to buy products or services without the need for human interaction. During Covid-19 these became increasingly popular, as it allowed people to keep their distance and helped with staff shortages. Kiosks are commonly seen in fast food restaurants but can be useful for businesses in all industries. 

It can help businesses greatly by reducing the number of staff needed on tills or customer information, as well as making the process of purchasing easier for the customer. 

- QR Codes

QR codes have been increasingly popular and even more so after covid 19. This is because it makes the process of viewing something online so much easier. It is greatly used in the restaurant industry, as customers can view things such as menus online instead of needing a physical menu. It also offers them an easier way of paying. Cutting waiting time down for customers and making these sorts of processes easier for businesses. 

QR codes can also be used for things such as competitions or feedback surveys. Businesses can put a QR code up on their tills that can encourage people to fill out feedback or find out information about a new product. 

Using websites and customer portals to make processes easier

Having a website is not a new concept. Most companies in Dubai will have one. However, businesses are finding new ways to make websites more innovative but also make processes easier for their customers. 

In the healthcare industry, websites can now be used to manage an individual’s health profile, including allowing them to see their medical history, make appointments and even get covid vaccine documents, which can be used as proof for travel. 

How can you integrate phygital into your company?

Changing company processes or adding in more phygital components can sometimes be tricky. It can be especially hard if you are a company that has a lot of repeat customers, who will be very used to the way the company already works. You need to ensure that you clearly communicate any changes you are making or integrating. Put up signs around your stores and on your website to showcase what new phygital elements that customers can be taking advantage of. Educate your employees and ensure that they all know how these new processes work so that they can then relay this information to the customers. 

One way to encourage customers to use your phygital processes is by creating competitions or incentives for those who interact with it. For example, provide exclusive offers to customers that use your mobile app or website. 


Phygital is changing the way that customers experience businesses. It is fusing the digital world with the physical one to make improvements to customer service and to how businesses complete certain tasks. 

Stagfox connects customers to your business in an easy and effective way. You can send out notifications and surveys to your customers, as well as create effective campaigns and promotional content, targeting customers that you believe will be most interested in it. It allows you to integrate the software with your current application if you already have one.  

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