Customer Experiences

Reliably connect with your customers like never before.

Customer Experiences

True Proof of Presence

StagFox is the most secure way to identify customers when they walk through your doors.

Verify customers’ identification only when they’re physically there with cryptographic keys, preventing spoofing.

Combine location and customer data to deliver a unique reward to each individual customer.

Gather customer feedback and satisfaction surveys in real-time with pinpoint accuracy.

Gain an unmatched understanding of customer behaviours, preferences, and desires, all in real-time.


If retail mobile apps are smart,
StagFox enabled mobile apps are genius.

True Proof of Presence

Unspoofable proof of presence lets you verify your customers whenever they enter your location.

Personalised Customer Experience

Deliver exactly what each customer wants before they even ask for it.

Know Your Customer in Real-Time

Gain real-time insights into customer behaviours, preferences, and desires.

Real-time Customer Feedback

Gather verifiable customer satisfaction and feedback throughout the customer experience.

Dynamic Offers

Create dynamic offers that deliver exactly what each customer wants when they want it.

Customisable Microservices

With notifications, dynamic offers, campaigns and more. You have the power to choose which services you want to benefit from.

Retail Mobile App Integration

Already have an app? StagFox can integrate our services into your existing mobile app.

Data Visualisation

See what’s happening in your locations in real-time or track and analyse trends that will have an impact on business.

Know Your App Conversion

See who’s used the app, redeemed offers, and more.

Get to know StagFox Get to know StagFox

Get to know StagFox

Check out how StagFox works and how it can transform your business.

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StagFox doesn’t just stack up. It outperforms. ​

Most proximity marketing technologies use outdated technologies with limited range and poor security.

See for yourself how StagFox isn’t just different, it’s better.

Device Comparison


Evolved / Real-time


Outdated / Limited


$40.0 / mo

Zonal Notifications
Linear Rangefinding
High-Level Security Protection
Dynamic Broadcasting
Bi-directional Communication
Custom Data Payloads
Proof of Presence Token Generation

Your Choice

Whether you choose our StagFox app, our white-labelled app customised to match your brand, or want to integrate StagFox into your existing app - our cloud architecture makes the process easy for you.

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